* Ration card/Voters Identity Card/PAN No.
* No. of Members of Family dependant and Independent with Occupation details.
* Parent Documents
* atta Original
* Latest Property tax Receipt(Original)
* Chitta
* ‘A’ Register Extract

Approved Plan

Valuation Details:
a). Chartered Engineer certificate for the valuation of Building.
b). Salary Certificate with recovery details/Proof of Income from C.A in case of business along with I.T.returns for a period of 3 years.
c). Rental Agreement Deed with consent letter of the tenant in respect of rental income

Other Details:
1. Self declaration of the applicant for having not availed any loan from other Banks/Financial institutions.
2. Loans on the Mortgage of house Building Property will be sanctioned subject to the availability of funds only for the purposes mentioned in Subsidiary regulations framed under By-la No.4(h) of the Bank.
3. The property mortgage will be subject to inspection at any time,by the Bank Officials and the inspection authorities of the Bank.
4. The applicant shall pay Legal/Chartered Engineer Fees and Processing Fees along with the application which is not refundable.
5. The building property offered for Mortgage will be insured against the risk of fire, flood, earthquake etc. The bank will renew the policy every year and the Premium amount will be collected from the loanee.
6. The owner of the property shall not encumber the property by and method or sell out the property until the settlement of the loan outstanding and discharge of mortgage executed in favour of Bank.
7. The property mortgaged in favour of the Bank for the loan secured cannot be alienated to any other party for securing any other loan by creation second charge over the said property.
8. The Liability for the repayment of loan lies with the Legal her is, nominees of the loanee in case of his death, willful absconding, and migration.