Privacy Policy

Taicobank Privacy Promise to CustomersYour privacy is very important to The Tamilnadu industrial Co-operative Bank Ltd., Hence the Bank is committed to the Privacy Promise for Customers.

The Bank’s most important asset is its customers’ trust. Keeping customer information secure and using it is the top priority for every Bank to provide superior service. Here then, is the Bank’s promise to the customers:

  1. The bank will process customer’s personal information on computer as well as for statistical analysis.

  2. The bank will safeguard all information that the customers share with the Bank securely and confidentially. The bank will continue to maintain its tradition of not sharing the information of customer’s account with anyone except when required by law or statutory agencies. When required by any external agencies, it will be shared only if the customer authenticates the same.

  3. The bank will limit the collection and use of customer information to the minimum required for delivering effective service to the customers and to advise customers about the Bank’s products, services and other safeguards.

  4. The bank will give access to customer information to authorized employees only. Employees who violate Bank’s Privacy Promise will be subject to the Bank’s disciplinary proceedings. The bank will always maintain control over the confidentiality of the customer information.

  5. Whenever the bank hires other organizations to provide support services, the bank will require them to confirm to the Bank’s privacy policy standards.

  6. The bank may exchange information about the customers with reputed and clearing house center for the purposes of credit reporting, verification and risk management.

  7. The bank will exercise due diligence about ensuring the accuracy of the information collected.

  8. Bank’s website may contain other links. While such links are provided for customer convenience, customer should be aware that accessing such links is at their own risk, since the Bank cannot provide assurance as to the information handling practices of the linked websites.

The bank will continuously assess to ensure that customer’s privacy is respected and will conduct the business in a manner that fulfils the bank’s Promise.